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We're bringing corporate IT to the home. With over 10 years in the industry, we're here to bring the benefit of that knowledge and experience to you.

We are just two good friends who started a business

Running to you with a solution

What he said.



My interest with computers began at a young age when my dad brought home an Apple Power PC in 1994. We later switched to PC, and when that PC began to have issues my dad made me a deal. He said that if I can fix it, I can have it. I researched the issue, diagnosed it as a memory problem, installed new RAM and ended up with my own computer. I built my first computer at 13 and learned everything I could to fix any issues I encountered. I began helping others at 17 and over the past ten years I have helped hundreds of people with their computer and consumer electronics issues, while also learning new skills. In the various jobs I've had I've gone from a PC Tech to store manager, to a low voltage cabling installer, to corporate IT at a Global 500 company. While doing this I was helping people on the side and getting my name out there just through word of mouth. I got tired of the corporate grind and took a leap of faith. Together, with my best friend, we jumped ship and took off on our own venture. So here we are. Come on down and check us out.

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