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To get started, just create a ticket or give us a call.

Our Services

Down below are some of the most common services we offer

Free Diagonistic

Thorough inspection of you computer's components. In-depth search for unwanted malware, viruses, and our recommendation for a solution.

Get Started

We have multiple ways for you reach out to us. You can always gives a call to reach a real person or you can contact us through our ticketing system.


In-depth Virus/Malware removal, 

meticulous Bloatware cleansing,

optimize operating system for improved performance and component dust removal.

Expert Advice

Considering a new computer, Wi-Fi network, home theater, etc? Talk to us we and we can help you get exactly what you need.

Residential & Commercial Networking

Is your network running slow? Do you have wires in a bundled mess that lead to the abyss? We build custom networks that suit your needs. Call us now and schedule a site survey.

New Installations & Setup

New TV? New printer? New security System? We install and setup all kinds of equipment and manage their cables to be clean and organized.

Custom Service Contract for Small Business

For all small business we build custom contracts that will suit your specific needs. We also provide a free site survey and consultation for creating an ideal work environment.

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