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Estimate Calculator

This will give you an idea how much a Camera or Network Project may cost
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Estimated Cost


This estimator gets you a general idea how much an installation project may cost. It accounts for typical labor and equipment costs. A more precise quote will be provided following a free site survey.

* DVR is required for camera system

  • Each data line includes the general cost of materials such as CAT6 cable, keystones, RJ45 caps, patch cables, j-hooks, network rack/cabinet, etc. as well as installation labor.

  • Each camera includes the general cost of a 5MP camera along with labor for mounting.

  • A DVR is a device needed for recording and storing video footage. The cost of the DVR includes a 10tb surveillance hard drive but this can be switched out to a smaller size depending the camera system. The cost of the DVR includes miscellaneous parts such as wall plates, low voltage mounting brackets, and other necessary items.

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